Set a consultation with Mr. Cornell

Prior to scheduling a consultation, fill out the contact form on the homepage, or click the green 'book now' buttons below to send a private email. Please include the following details:
  • Your name
  • Name of the individual needing assistance (if not you)
  • Brief summary of situation, and services being sought.  Please include all pertinent dates and details to the best of your knowledge
  • Any prior criminal history (if applicable)
  • Any prior immigration history (if applicable)
  • The potential client's alien registration number (if applicable)

30 Minutes - $75

1 Hour - $125

Phone/Skype with attorney

30 Minutes  @ $75.00

1 hour  @ $125.00

   In-person consult

     with attorney

1 hour  @ $150.00

Attorney Visit to Northwest Detention Center

The cost of a visit depends on a number of factors. Please contact Mr. Cornell to discuss a set price. 

1 Hour - $150